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  • Pavel Šíma
  • 2022-07-16
  • Yakovlev Yak-3 82% SCALE REPLICA. Powered by ROTAX 915 Turbo 141HP Rate of climb 10 m/s Ground speed 255 km/h Maximum speed 310 km/h at 3000m Design never exceed speed: 360 km/h
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  • unknown
  • Pavel Šíma
  • 2022-06-30
  • Mitsubishi A6M ZERO, 80% flying scale replica of the most popular WWII fighter in the LSA and experimental category. Cocpit is designed to maximize feel of a true WWII warbird. An electric system si limited to the necessary minimum (radio, transponder, propeller control, control and monitoring of the landing gear position, engine-related systems, fuel level monitoring). The canopy comprises of the fixed windshield, the fixed rear part and the middle section on the rails. The middle section is possible open during flight. Verner SCARLETT 9S radial engine. Woodcomp propeller electric adjustable in flight. The exhaust system replicates the A6M5 version. The fuselage is an all-metal structure with stressed skin, divided into a central section (with a integrated wing centre section) and a rear part. The design and layout of the rear section panels correspond to the original. The landing gear is rectractable using a hydraulic system. According to the original the actuators and securing mechanism in an open position is hidden, without the retracting strut visible. Each wheel is braked independently using the toe brakes on the rudder pedals. The wing is of a classical all metal design with a main and rear spar, ribs, stringers and sheet metal skin. The wing centre section is integral to the fuselage, the outer wings are attached on fit bolts and easily removable. The integral fuel tanks are located in the leading edges. Riveted with sealant. Dimensions and specifications: Wingspan: 8,77m/28,77ft Overall lenght: 7,12m/23,36ft Height (horizontal position): 2,63m/8,64ft Minimum cabin width: 0,53m/1,74ft Limit load factors (LSA, Experimental): +4G/-2G Maximum takeoff weight: 600kg/1323lbs Empty weight: 380kg/838lbs Max. load: 220kg/485lbs Fuel tanks volume: 2x 55l/2x14,5US Gal Engine: Verner SCARLETT 9S, 140HP Cruise speed (sea level): 230km/h (124kts) Design never exceed speed: 300km/h (162kts) Design stall speed (clean configuration): 85km/h (46kts) Design stall speed (landing configuration): 75km/h (40kts)
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  • Georgi Bidenko
  • 2021-11-26
  • Replacement carrier for Čedok Immediately after yesterday's inaugural flight to Punta Cany, which started the season of regular direct flights for Čedok clients in style with sparkling wine, gifts and a water salute on the place, in cooperation with Luke Air (Blue Panorama), the carrier was unexpectedly changed and immediately today, a replacement airline was deployed, the Polish state carrier LOT with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Instead of a 20-year-old Airbus A330, clients will be driven by a modern and more comfortable 4-year-old BOEING 787-8 DREAMLINER.
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