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Plane type: B787-9
Airport: Ostrava (OSR/LKMT)
Airline: Neos (NOS/NO)
Registration: EI-NUA
Author: Miroslav Kostelník
Date taken: 2021-03-15
Number of ratings: 7×
Number of views: 804×

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Vojtěch - unsigned guest (...120.71...)
2021-03-15 14:04

Diky :-)

Štěpán Obrovský (...68.217...)
2021-03-15 13:36

Letěl na trase Peking - Verona - Ostrava - Milano a přivezl nějaké cargo.

Vojtěch - unsigned guest (...120.71...)
2021-03-15 10:28

Ja nejake info, kde se tam vzal? :-)

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