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Plane type: unknown
Airport: Trapani (TPS/LICT)
Airline: Not specified
Registration: Unknown
Author: Ondřej Panchartek
Date taken: 04/2011
Number of ratings: 1×
Number of views: 2738×


Old runway Trapani airport, now out of the "new" airport area

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Foxx - unsigned guest (...208.1...)
2011-04-17 00:26

tam o prohnat 767 na nouzovém....

já - unsigned guest (...178.33...)
2011-04-16 18:16

Tak odtud startovaly Me 323 po strop naplněny sudy s benzínem ...

citronek5 - unsigned guest (...71.177...)
2011-04-16 12:33


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