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Plane type: MD11F
Airport: Hahn (HHN/EDFH)
Airline: Aeroflot (AFL/SU)
Registration: VP-BDP
Author: Kučera Jan
Date taken: 09/2010
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Number of views: 2018×

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JV - unsigned guest (...201.48...)
2011-02-21 18:03

cargo ne?

Martin Nožička (...195.173...)
2010-11-06 12:06

super foto!! :)

falcon - unsigned guest (...231.128...)
2010-11-05 18:49

Buďme rádi za to,že je to už v dnešní době možné... ...

TVS6909 - unsigned guest (...180.129...)
2010-11-05 16:38

Z téhle strany, s nápisem Aeroflot na MD11DF je to paradoxní bomba, ale super!!!!

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