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Zenair CH-601

Plane type: Zenair CH-601
Airport: Zábřeh (LKZA)
Airline: Private
Registration: OK-JUA78
Author: Zdeněk Chovanec
Date taken: 09/2007
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Number of views: 5820×



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vzh - unsigned guest
2008-08-03 22:02

toto je ostuda Zodiačků

turkish - unsigned guest
2008-07-24 15:40

i skoda 120 je rychlejsi nez tohle letadlo

šenflug - unsigned guest
2008-07-24 15:10

to by mě zajímalo, jestli to rozjede tak, aby vzlítlo...

Míra - unsigned guest
2008-07-24 12:49

...variace na CH-601...

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