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Plane type: unknown
Airport: Off airport
Airline: Not specified
Registration: Unknown
Author: Tomáš Galla
Date taken: 07/2006
Number of ratings: 0×
Number of views: 6762×


Švihov water reservoir (Želivka), with an unfinished highway bridge in forefront

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Foxx - unsigned guest (...208.87...)
2009-02-13 14:13

JFK : plány se změnily a dálnice šla nakonec jinudy

kp123 - unsigned guest (...103.178...)
2008-12-27 10:18

Já myslel, že je to rozestavěná letadlová loď Václav Klaus...

JFK - unsigned guest (...176.94...)
2008-12-27 03:52

A proč je nedostavěný?

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