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Plane type: B747-8
Airport: Off airport
Airline: Not specified
Registration: Unknown
Author: Petr Řezáč
Date taken: 06/2006
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A design study of the new Boeing B747-8 Intercontinental. While the hump is not planned to be extended, the upper deck will still run along the whole length of the plane (as in Airbus 380). Overwing the rest boxes for first class passengers can be seen, then a bar, followed by another set of first-class suites. The crew rest is in the tail part as in current 747 models

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toraidhe - unsigned guest (...167.147...)
2014-02-15 00:16

Zaujjimave obzretie do minulosti, ked uz clovek vie, ako to dopadlo v reale.

Roman Kratochvil (...176.230...)
2011-10-08 11:00

Opravdu má nový 747 horní patro po celé délce ?

hexx - unsigned guest
2007-06-08 11:10

Ty postele pro posadku mi pripadaji jako nejpohodlnejsi cast letadla. Proste normalni postel a nee zadny odpocinkovy box.

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