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Plane type: B757-258
Airport: Off airport
Airline: Israir (ISR/6H)
Registration: 4X-EBM
Author: Lucka Hrabíková
Date taken: 08/2006
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Number of views: 9154×


Inflight service on Tel Aviv - Eilat 30 minutes flight

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honza - unsigned guest (...141.0...)
2009-10-22 13:35

no že by bylo plno teda vážně nevidím

jáchym - unsigned guest (...179.188...)
2009-07-05 21:17

využití vidíš na snímku - plno :-)

Marena - unsigned guest (...201.56...)
2009-07-05 11:14

Vnitrostatni linka s B757? V USA to pochopim, ale zajimalo by me zde vyuziti...

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