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  • Bubak (AzAP)
  • 05/2009
  • After the commercial success of the L-049 Constellation, Lockheed produced a slightly improved version designated L-749. This aircraft attracted the attention of the U.S. Air Force, which bought ten of them for long-range VIP transports and designated them VC-121A. The new transports proved to be very popular and regularly carried high-ranking Generals and Presidents.
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  • Milan Cibulka
  • 02/2007
  • Delivered to USAF December 1948 as C-121A 48-610. Retired by USAF and flown to Davis Monthan AFB for storage April 1968. One of five VC-121A's sold to Christler Flying Service at DoD auction on May 5, 1970 and registered N9463 on July 10, 1970. To "Columbine II Corporation" in January 1990. Flew limited US air show circuit in 1990-91. Flown to Avra Valley Airport near Tucson on May 4, 2003 and remains stored here till this days.
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