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Author: Radim Tyleček - LKMT/EDDM Spotter
Date taken: 2019-07-12
Number of ratings: 3×
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O. M. - unsigned guest (...231.2...)
2019-07-22 13:37

Ale je hezkej, to musíte uznat.

robo - unsigned guest (...80.62...)
2019-07-21 06:29

typicke pro africke krajiny. Lid strada a emigruje, vlada si zije lip nez v Evrope. Snad kazdy predstavitel africkeho statu ma minimalne Falcon 900 a leta na nakupy do Parize. Staci si zajet podivat se na Le Bourget. Naco je Rovnikove Guinei vubec letadlo, natoz 777. Ale pomoc z Evropy zada kazdy.

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