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Author: milhaus
Date taken: 11/2011
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This MiG-21bis become lost and ran out of fuel and therefore made emergency landing on 14.12.1988 in area which is Namibia now. As there was not request to return it to Angola, it was repaired by Atlas Aviation Apprentice School and put on display at Swartkop in 1991.

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Kuba J. - unsigned guest (...71.98...)
2013-12-16 23:01

Půlka? Tabulkově (pravda, není to letuschopný stav) mají víc stíhacích letadel než AČR a ASR dohromady ...

ICARcz (...13.72...)
2011-12-10 00:41

arteye: zase najednou ušetřili 50% nákladů na údržbu a provoz, tak třeba byli rádi :-)

arteye (...188.41...)
2011-12-09 15:17

Nějak si černoušci angolští ani nevšimli, že jim půlka letectva chybí :-))

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