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Antonov AN28

Author: Petr Volek
Date taken: 11/2008
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Dan (...195.175...)
2008-11-23 09:46

PH: Sorry, misread for EY-28736/0... correct now. Thx

jouda - unsigned guest (...100.185...)
2008-11-22 19:05

jé, letadélko Káně ...a hned dvakrát :-)

catzita - unsigned guest (...177.73...)
2008-11-22 15:30

Krásný letadýlka mohli by je koupit do Valašského království pro Valachian transport command :-)))

Peter Hillman - unsigned guest (...217.194...)
2008-11-21 16:14

Can Petr confirm the reg EY-28730 as the original 28730 went to Venezuela and bcame YV-. If EY-28730 it is a new and second use of the registration.
Peter Hillman
Soviet Transports

PM - unsigned guest (...70.2...)
2008-11-21 12:13

Taková malá doprava by se dala provozovat při vejšce jako prima praxe pro více specializací.

Joey - unsigned guest (...62.224...)
2008-11-21 08:31

Krasavci :)

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