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Marlie - unsigned guest (...188.211...)
2017-02-26 07:13
Ah, then, we were ne

Ah, then, we were neighbours, probably our houses could be on back2back! I was staying in Tuna-tinm-hurg (Craig Rd), where the Craig Place is now.Yes, yes, that Kim Lan Beo (Kum Lan Miu in Cantonese or Jin Lan Miao in Mandarin) is in Kim Tian Road now, and it was next to the Swimming Pool.My memories are also fading, but I think sometimes, with a question or two, it could jot us to more memories. So, post la .. and maybe, fellow readers and I could help you jot your memory. (^^)Haha, I should call myself the chinatownson .. or chinatownsun. (^^)

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