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Plane type: Z226MS
Airport: Plzen - Letkov (LKPL)
Airline: Aeroklub ČR
Registration: OK-MGU
Author: Petr Popelář
Date taken: 04/2001
Number of ratings: 0×
Number of views: 3677×


This aircraft crashed on 30.04.2005 between Osek and Ujezd village near Horovice

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Michal Maňák (...51.250...)
2018-10-30 20:59

V tomto letadle prchal aeroklubák do Německa,tedy alespoň ve filmu Vysoká Modrá Zeď.

tom - unsigned guest (...201.62...)
2010-01-28 17:41

To je ale škoda eště takovej krásnej nápis na trupu :-)

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